French Welfare: “Le Bain Libre”

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 4:52 pm by Neal

French authorities, addressing concerns about personal hygiene among French youth, have instituted a new social welfare program to be administered under Public Health: Le Bain Libre (free bath).

The program provides free, daily showers to hard-working student protestors who don’t have access to the personal hygiene services affordable to the rich. “They smell much better, don’t you think?” said one female shopper in downtown Paris. She added, “I don’t even mind having to walk past them now.”

French authorities provide free showers to poor youth in a personal hygiene program.

Public Health officials say that phase I of this operation addresses body odor and general hygiene.

Phase II will add flouride to the water to guarantee that even French students have access to minimal oral hygiene and to stave off the kinds of expensive dental procedures that are bankrupting the National Dental plan.

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