Guests or gate crashers

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 12:20 pm by Neal
Illegals (and supporters) assert that America is a ‘Stolen Continent’

Don’t miss Thomas Sowell’s essay Guests or gate crashers on the criminals who have illegally invaded this country.

Immigration is yet another issue which we seem unable to discuss rationally — in part because words have been twisted beyond recognition in political rhetoric.

We can’t even call illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants.” The politically correct evasion is “undocumented workers.”

Do American citizens go around carrying documents with them when they work or apply for work? Most Americans are undocumented workers but they are not illegal immigrants. There is a difference.

The Bush administration is pushing a program to legalize “guest workers.” But what is a guest? Someone you have invited. People who force their way into your home without your permission are called gate crashers.

If truth-in-packaging laws applied to politics, the Bush guest worker program would have to be called a “gate-crasher worker” program. The President’s proposal would solve the problem of illegal immigration by legalizing it after the fact.

Sowell then sums up the matter by noting what we’ve said before, namely,

None of the rhetoric and sophistry that we hear about immigration deals with the plain and ugly reality: Politicians are afraid of losing the Hispanic vote and businesses want cheap labor.

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