Illegal, Unassimilated, and Proud of It

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 10:51 am by Neal

The protests by the illegal aliens have been colorful and enlightening, and Michelle Malkin has links and updates at “Welcome To Reconquista”. Note how these protestors resemble the unassimilated Muslims rioting throughout Europe? Witness the ultimate goals of the multicultural, “diversity” crowd: hoards of Hispanics who are in America illegally and proud of it! Hell, like the Muslims, they’re boasting that they’re here, not to assimilate, but to take over. “America is an illegal country”, they proclaim, and their signs boast that “This Is Stolen land” and that American soil is, in their words, “My Homeland”.

We are reaping what we have sown. Any questions on the dangers of allowing millions of people to enter and live in the country illegally can be put to rest. These criminals brazenly defy us to enforce our laws and ridicule the legitimacy of our country. Like the Muslims of Europe, their goal is to remain unassimilated and to overthrow the countries they invade. Step one of solving any problem is correctly and honestly identifying the problem.

Illegal immigrant supporters show disdain for America.

Illegals boast of violating American laws which, like America herself, they consider to be illegitimate. If anything, they consider American citizens to be invading their homeland!

Meanwhile, the US Senate Judiciary Committee has passed an illegal alien amnesty bill. Wonderful. Our feckless Federal government is as impotent at handling swarms of illegals immigrants as the European governments are at controlling mobs of rioting Muslims. We are being invaded and the Feds solution is to hand-out green cards to the invaders? Here’s how we can stop this nonsense once and for all:

Arrest any employer hiring illegal workers. Shut down their business and imprison those who did the hiring.

The States must enforce the law because the Federal government is asleep at the switch. By the time Washington wakes up, we’ll all be speaking Spanish. When the jobs disappear, so will the swarms of criminals (yes, they are in fact criminals) who, through their “protests” have revealed their contempt for our laws. Hell, they think that they’re doing us a favor. No. You are illegal moochers — ticks — sucking the life-blood out of an unwitting, half-conscious host. It’s time for the dog to wake up and scratch like hell.

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