Courageous Politicians — this week’s oxymoron

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 12:12 pm by Neal

Check out this excellent article by Herman Cain, Destruction from Within. Cain rightly notes that despite the external threat to our liberty from Islamic fascists, there are insidious internal threats to our economic liberty and freedom from our elected officials who are incapable of dealing with the timebombs of Social Security, out-of-control spending, and the hideous income tax. I agree completely. Our well-paid Congressmen with all of their priviledge, stature and perks seem to think there is something courageous about casting votes for such “bold” ideas as reforming Socialism Security and eradicating the Karl Marx Income tax. Give me a break. The exemplary men and women in our military are the real models of courage. Any ass-kissing or ass-saving babble emanating from Washington, DC isn’t comparable, and in fact, any comparison to true courage is insulting. Cain puts it this way:

Political pundits often refer to any attempt to fix the sacred cow entitlement programs, replace the income tax code or alter environmental regulations that constrain our oil supply “courageous.” Doing your job as a member of Congress is not courageous. Fighting terrorists where terrorists live is courageous. If showing up to vote a few times each week and attending fundraisers are now considered courageous, the expectations for our elected officials are frightfully low. Too many members of Congress appear more afraid of losing the next election than protecting the next generation. Many of the same members are missing in action when the president or one of their colleagues suggests we take the steps necessary to protect our nation’s economic security.

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