Galloway outed, finally

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 10:44 pm by Neal

Enjoy Christopher Hitchens direct hit on George Galloway. Ohhhh, it’s good. You go, Chris.

Yet this is the man who received wall-to-wall good press for insulting the Senate subcommittee in May, and who was later the subject of a fawning puff piece in the New York Times, and who was lionized by the anti-war movement when he came on a mendacious and demagogic tour of the country last month. I wonder if any of those who furnished him a platform will now have the grace to admit that they were hosting a man who is not just a pimp for fascism but one of its prostitutes as well.

Ouch. George Galloway (not to be confused with a whining, bloated, tick) has been outed. We anxiously await George’s rebuttal. Stay tuned.

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