Will on Meirs

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005 11:25 pm by Neal

Count on George Will to best sum up the essence of conservative opposition to Harriet Meirs. It is not how she votes, but how she will reason and write future decisions that is of concern. The long-term goal is to restructure a legislative court to its constitutional basis. The appointment of Miers makes one wonder if the President even understands this?

In their unseemly eagerness to assure Miers’s conservative detractors that she will reach the “right” results, her advocates betray complete incomprehension of this: Thoughtful conservatives’ highest aim is not to achieve this or that particular outcome concerning this or that controversy. Rather, their aim for the Supreme Court is to replace semi-legislative reasoning with genuine constitutional reasoning about the Constitution’s meaning as derived from close consideration of its text and structure. Such conservatives understand that how you get to a result is as important as the result. Indeed, in an important sense, the path that the Supreme Court takes to the result often is the result.

That’s just the beginning as Will gets a bit more pissed.

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