To hell with America. Save the planet.

Friday, August 1st, 2008 3:52 pm by Neal

Watch this video of Republican Senator McConnell offering Unanimous Consent requests to lift the ban on deep-sea exploration, and watch Democratic Senator Salazar object each time McConnell raises the per-gallon cost of gasoline that would trigger the lifting of the ban. Of course Democrats will argue that this is just a ploy.

Salazar even calls McConnell’s request “a phantom solution” as he continues to object.

See it for yourself:

The bottom line is that Democrats oppose any legislation or action that would increase America’s energy independence if it includes petroleum or nuclear power options. They won’t even allow exploring much less drilling! They couldn’t care less how the cost of fuel is affecting Americans; after all, as Nancy Pelosi said this week, “I’m trying to save the planet.”

Could it be any more clear?

To hell with America.

Save the planet (from make-believe anthropogenic global warming).

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