Diversity in Denver = White People are Racists

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 1:23 pm by Neal
This picture is from Denver’s 2007 Diversity Champion Awards. Click the link for more. We’re sure the under-taxed citizens of Denver are so proud that their hard-earned dollars are spent on such events.

(Hat tip: Neal Boortz)

(FULL-LENGTH VIDEO UPDATE: CBS Channel 4 in Denver is covering the story and has this link to the full, 8-minute video. Note: We have tried to view this numerous times without success. Good luck.)

(UPDATE: The link to the video (at the bottom of this post) is only a 1 minute, 17 second sample from the original 8 minute video. If we can find the entire video, we’ll post it here. If anyone knows of a copy, please send us a note.)

You have to expect this kind of leftist, “diversity” nonsense when a city has an official position called a “Diversity Manager.” In this instance, the city is Denver, Colorado, and the Diversity Manager is a woman named Susan Maxfield. At this time, we don’t know her race.

DM Susan is forcing all city employees to watch a “diversity video” entitled Laughing Matters – Think About It which portrays a white employ as “a white, blue-collar worker who’s a racist, sexist goofball.” Not everyone is laughing, however.

The city of Denver is showing its employees a diversity training video that portrays a white man as a narrow-minded buffoon – triggering allegations of “institutional racism” against Anglos.

“Right now, their diversity program is racially motivated against white males,” said Dennis Supple, a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning mechanic who has worked for the city 1 1/2 years.

The video, titled Laughing Matters – Think About It, is meant to show employees how humor at the expense of others diminishes respect in the workplace. The character who breaks all the rules is Billy, a white, blue-collar worker who’s a racist, sexist goofball.

In one scene, Billy is told that another employee named Carlos can’t do anything because he’s waiting for supplies.

“What’s his problem?” Billy says. “He can’t sell breakfast burritos without the supplies or he takes a siesta?”

Supple said the video violates his civil rights and that he’s considering taking the equity in his house to file a lawsuit to stop the city from showing it.

“Diversity, to me, doesn’t mean hammer the white guy,” Supple said. “Diversity means you have respect for everyone, regardless of their race, their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation.”

Councilman Charlie Brown, who is white, took offense at the video, too.

“To just target the white race, I don’t think that’s fair,” he said.

Brown said he wrote a letter to Mayor John Hickenlooper and the city’s diversity manager, Susan Maxfield, after Supple, who lives in his district, called and complained.

“How can city employees have meaningful discussion after seeing only a Caucasian male making insensitive comments?” Brown wrote. “All ethnic groups have a role in changing behavior across the board.”

Brown said Friday that the video perpetuates a stereotype.

“The only thing left out was the white plumber’s crack when (the actor) bends over to work,” he said.

Maxfield, who is on vacation, was unavailable for comment.

Of course she’s on vacation. She probably took off right after this story hit the presses. But we don’t have to speculate about what DM Susan Maxfield thinks of this steaming load of diversity bull because she has already answered that question:

Kathy Maloney, spokeswoman for the Career Service Authority, said the video is part of a one- to three-hour facilitated discussion.

“The video itself is scheduled for updating in either 2008 or 2009, so (Supple’s) input would certainly be taken into consideration for the next video,” she said.

Maloney noted the last thing to appear on the 8-minute video is this phrase: “Remember, Billy could be anyone.”

She also said the teaching guide tells facilitators to “ensure participants recognize this video does not highlight or target any particular individual or group.”

“It’s meant to represent anyone who could (use) inappropriate humor in the workplace,” she said.

Supple said he raised concerns about the video during his diversity-training class but that they were brushed off. When he met with Maxfield, Supple said she told him it was “no big deal.”

“If you portrayed a black woman (or a Hispanic or a homosexual) in that manner, there’d be hell to pay,” Supple said. “But it’s OK for them to portray a white man in this manner because you put down one little (disclaimer) at the end of the (video) that says, ‘Remember, anybody could be Billy.’ That’s a bunch of bull.”

“No big deal.” After all, “diversity” is nothing if not singling out and making fun of white males.

Neal Boortz had these comments about Denver’s award-winning video:

Diversity education can take on basically two forms. One form is anti-individualism. If you’ve been listening to my show, reading my notes or just paying attention to what is going on around you, you will know that the left is waging a full-scale war against individualism. Individual rights … bad. Collective rights … good. Individual achievement … bad. Collective achievement … good. When diversity is the issue you are categorizing and judging people not by their individuality, but by their group identity.

The other form of diversity education is the selling of the idea that white guys are bad, everybody else is good. That would seem to be the case in Denver.

Denver is forcing all of its employees to watch a diversity training video. That should be enough to infuriate you. But some people in Denver are saying that it does what we typically see these “diversity” workshops do … portray white people as inherently racist simply because they are white.

This video Denver city employees are being forced to watch is called Laughing Matters – Think About It. I would like to think that the video was really produced as a comedy piece, but too many people are taking it seriously. So here we have the city of Denver requiring all of its employees to watch this piece of “white men are bad dudes.” Not good, but pretty much what you would expect.

Now … imagine if the person being insulted in the video was black or Muslim … Oh no, that would be racist to portray a minority that way. All minorities, remember, are worthy of praise. White folks aren’t. Besides, that would be racial profiling, wouldn’t it? There is only one race that cannot be profiled. Care to guess which one?

This is just typical, leftist, politically-correct, diversity crap. Care to watch the video? Here’s a sample of Laughing Matters – Think About It available for your viewing pleasure.


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