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Thursday, July 26th, 2007 12:29 pm by Neal

Here’s Michelle Malkin on the revelation that Saudi-created teaching materials have taken over the Middle East studies program in America’s stellar, government schools.

The curriculum in our government schools is lousy and polluted enough without the stealth infiltration of Saudi propaganda. Time for some oversight and loophole-closing. Anyone in Congress awake?

Michelle is referring to Saudi in the Classroom by Stanley Kurtz:

Unless we counteract the influence of Saudi money on the education of the young, we’re going to find it very difficult to win the war on terror. I only wish I was referring to Saudi-funded madrassas in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I’m talking about K-12 education in the United States. Believe it or not, the Saudis have figured out how to make an end-run around America’s K-12 curriculum safeguards, thereby gaining control over much of what children in the United States learn about the Middle East. While we’ve had only limited success paring back education for Islamist fundamentalism abroad, the Saudis have taken a surprising degree of control over America’s Middle-East studies curriculum at home. …

So let’s review. The United States government gives money — and a federal seal of approval — to a university Middle East Studies center. That center offers a government-approved K-12 Middle East studies curriculum to America’s teachers. But in fact, that curriculum has been bought and paid for by the Saudis, who may even have trained the personnel who operate the university’s outreach program. Meanwhile, the American government is asleep at the wheel — paying scant attention to how its federally mandated public outreach programs actually work. So without ever realizing it, America’s taxpayers end up subsidizing — and providing official federal approval for — K-12 educational materials on the Middle East that have been created under Saudi auspices. Game, set, match: Saudis.

Read the whole, sickening story here. The Imperial Federal Government of the United States cannot keep Saudi propaganda out of American schools, yet Americans trust the feds to run a Socialized Health Care system? Have we lost our “collective” mind?

No matter how much good money is thrown after bad into the American government schools sewer, there’s always room for these propaganda and indoctrination centers to get worse. No one has calculated the limit to how bad our schools can get, but we know that the school your kid attends is just special. Riiight. And we’re sure that your Congressman is a good man. When your kids hop off the government bus today, try asking them about the virtues of a Middle-Eastern dictatorship that actively spreads Wahhabi poison throughout the world. They’ll tell you how wonderful it is.

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