Bussing for Terrorists

Friday, March 16th, 2007 4:38 pm by Neal
Terrorists may be attempting to become public school bus drivers. Now why would they want to do that? Of course, if your kid gets on one of these every weekday then shame on you! Bad parent! Bad!

This is an example of how terrorists may be using our system against us, which is the subject of a story we’re working on, so check back often!

In this particular instance, the concern is that terrorists may be trying to become school bus drivers. Given the access to students and the ability to inflict mass harm on innocent children, it is incomprehensible that a terrorist, or “extremist,” could get a position like this, but we are talking about the government here. Sadly, therefore, this shouldn’t come as a complete shock. For all you pathetic parents who’ve turned your children over to a government propaganda machine, aren’t you proud that the same institution that “educates” your kids has to be alerted to not hire a terrorist to drive him to school? Wake up and get your kids out of there while you still can.

From “FBI Puts Local Officials on Notice About Extremists Trying to Sign Up to Be School Bus Drivers”:

The Associated Press reports that members of the unnamed extremist groups have succeeded in gaining the drivers licenses, but a Department of Homeland Security official told FOX News that “at this time there is no evidence that any of these individuals have got these jobs, or got hold of school buses.”

“There is no plot. There is no threat. And parents and children can feel perfectly safe,” FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told FOXNews.com.

The Department of Homeland Security official said the bulletin was sent to state and local law enforcement officials, and “some school districts have reported an increased number of foreign nationals seeking school bus driver positions and a number of other unusual events.”

The official said that, out of an abundance of caution, FBI shared the information.

“I hate to characterize this as a warning,” Kolko said, calling it an “informational bulletin.” He said this was part of routine information sent to local law enforcement agencies that they should use only as background information while doing their normal duties.

“This is just an awareness issue for local law enforcement. … It just makes them smarter,” he said.

Kolko said that if he knew which extremist groups were involved in the report, he would not identify them.

“Government education” is an oxymoron.

If your kids are in government schools, you are the moron. Now do something about it.

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