Update on the Invasion

Thursday, March 15th, 2007 12:28 pm by Neal

Neal Boortz has these comments on yesterday’s embarrassing press conference between Mexican president Felipe Calderon and his side-kick, President Bush.

Felipe Calderon had his press conference with President Bush yesterday, and it’s clear who wears the pants in our relationship with Mexico. Some interesting tidbits came out in the meeting with the media…such as Calderon has family in the United States, supposedly legally. And illegal aliens send $20 billion back to their country from the United States. Hmmmmmm … I wonder if that’s after-tax money? There are also some interesting statistics about the Mexican invasion of America.

One in 10 Mexican citizens lives in the U.S. Repeat … 1 in 10! Half of the 4 million people that live in Calderon’s home state are here in the United States. The $20 billion they send home is second only to oil revenue as the #1 national source of income. Unbelievable. At yesterday’s press conference, Calderon lied, when speaking about the illegals: “We want them to come back; we want them to find jobs here in Mexico. We miss them. These are our best people. These are bold people, they’re young, they’re strong, they’re talented.” Uh-huh….right. He forgot to add that they’re also criminals. All of them. Every single Mexican who illegally crosses into the U.S. is a criminal.

Oh … and don’t forget that these criminal aliens are responsible for about 25 deaths a day in this country .. half by violent crime and half by drunk driving.

If all of the illegal aliens in the United States went back to Mexico (a scenario we can only dream about,) then Mexico wouldn’t get the $20 billion, plus Mexico would then have a huge social services problem trying to take care of them. And despite all of this, there stands President Bush at the press conference…agreeing with everything Calderon says. In fact, Bush opposes the border fence and wants to give amnesty to all of the illegals in the United States.

It’s now evident that Mexico runs our border policy…not us. The corrupt Mexican politicos tells us to jump…we ask how high. They complain about our border fence, Bush runs down to Mexico City and puckers up. Pathetic

Pathetic, indeed.

But all is not lost. Writing in today’s National Review, Mark Krikorian (“Amnesty Follies”) sees at least a glimmer of hope.

Any failure to enact a comprehensive amnesty extravaganza this year would represent a stinging defeat for the pro-amnesty crowd, exposing the shallow and insubstantial nature of the Right-Left alliance for more immigration. Really now, if you have the active support of a pro-amnesty president and a pro-amnesty Democratic leadership in Congress, plus the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Roman Catholic hierarchy, Hispanic volkish groups like the National Council of La Raza, several major labor unions, and the editorial pages of most major newspapers, how can you possibly lose?

Rather than get complacent, now is the time for immigration hawks to go on the offensive. The president has, for political reasons, permitted an increase in immigration enforcement, including worksite raids, prosecution of repeat border-jumpers, Social Security scrutiny of worker records, and more. The political ploy appears to have failed, but the enforcement is actually working: some illegals are getting the message and going home on their own, fewer seem to be trying to sneak across the border, and factories emptied of illegals are raising wages and attracting previously ignored American workers.

Immigration hawks need to demand that this new enforcement not only be continued, but that it be stepped up. For instance, the Justice Department should formally release a 2002 legal opinion highlighting the inherent authority of states and localities to arrest immigration violators (see a redacted version of the memo here). Congress must authorize the IRS and Social Security to share information with immigration authorities on the millions of illegal aliens they have information on. The Democratic leadership cannot be allowed to drop down the memory hole the fencing that Congress overwhelmingly approved last year. And, in general, additional measures needed to achieve attrition through enforcement must be implemented.

The public prefers an “enforcement first” approach by 2 to 1 over “amnesty first.” It’s time they got what they want.

Time will tell. One things for sure: On the invasion of illegals and securing our border, President Bush is as wrong as wrong can be. On this count, history will not be kind to him.

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