Attack of the 6 foot vagina

Friday, February 23rd, 2007 1:37 pm by Neal
ASU’s vagina sneaks up on next victim.

File this story under “too crazy to be fiction.”

Leave it to UNC professor (and fellow gun-nut) Mike Adams to alert us to the “six-foot vagina costume” roaming the campus of Appalachian State University. We’re just relieved that freedom of expression is alive (if not so “well”) on the ASU campus.

Now that the speech code is gone from ASU, the feminists at the Women’s Center are free to pursue an important project they may have been afraid to pursue back when “offending others” was seen as trumping the First Amendment. I am talking, of course, about the construction of the six-foot vagina costume the Women’s Center has been planning for the last several years.

After the ASU speech code was removed, construction of the six-foot vagina resumed and, thankfully, it was recently completed. Click here (warning: graphic photo) to see just how far the women’s movement has come in recent years. Or just visit the campus of ASU where you can actually see a feminist walking around in a six-foot vagina costume.

It is worth remembering that the greatest evil of censorship is not that it robs us of the truth. It is that it robs us of a greater appreciation of the truth via its juxtaposition with feminist stupidity.

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