MSM coverage of Katrina: F-

Saturday, May 27th, 2006 10:56 am by Neal

Thanks, HR, for the tip on Katrina: What the Media Missed. Here’s HR’s introduction to the article:

In short, while the National Guard focused on rescuing people in real danger instead of worrying about the comfort of survivors, the media focused its attention on the misery of the survivors without bothering to explain that rescue workers were too busy with real life-and-death rescue operations to make everyone all nice and cozy.

The Katrina rescue operations were actually a model of efficiency with resources directed at the most pressing needs resulting in very, very few unnecessary fatalities. If the rescue operations hadn’t been conducted in this hard-ass way, tens of thousands could have died while
a few were having their hands held in comfort for the benefit of the media in a PR campaign. Now that would have been the Clinton way of doing things since he never failed to milk any situation for maximum political benefits no matter what.

Bush can’t claim much credit and he hasn’t tried to, but the media, in collusion with their friends in the Democratic Party, has conducted a campaign of outright lies and smears against him while suppressing the true story.

This is an excellent article.

Indeed. Give it a read. Here’s the introduction:

Remember the dozens, maybe hundreds, of rapes, murders, stabbings and deaths resulting from official neglect at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina? The ones that never happened, as even the national media later admitted?

Sure, we all remember the original reporting, if not the back-pedaling.

Here’s another one: Do you remember the dramatic TV footage of National Guard helicopters landing at the Superdome as soon as Katrina passed, dropping off tens of thousands saved from certain death? The corpsmen running with stretchers, in an echo of M*A*S*H, carrying the survivors to ambulances and the medical center? About how the operation, which also included the Coast Guard, regular military units, and local first responders, continued for more than a week?

Me neither. Except that it did happen, and got at best an occasional, parenthetical mention in the national media.

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