Steyn: Undocumented Status for All!

Friday, May 26th, 2006 9:40 pm by Neal

Mark Steyn is turning up the heat on the Alien Invasion. Check out this post, Undocumented Status for All!

Derb’s post below is absolutely right – not the one on Sheena Easton, the one on immigration (though he’s right on Sheena, too). But how about some of you natives piling on? I assumed NR’s transplanted British Empire wallahs were steamed about this because we were foolish enough to check the wrong box and come here as legal immigrants – which, believe me, is a mistake I wouldn’t make again. But this bill moves not just legal immigrants but U.S. citizens to the back of the bus.

The undocumented guys only have to pay taxes for any three out of the last five years? How come Americans can’t get a deal like that? Meanwhile, any attempt to enforce the border requires “consultation” with Mexico [documentation here – ed]. Vicente Fox has just got his own permanent Security Council veto in the Department of Homeland Security.

I think it’s very hard for conservatives to support a Congress that would pass such a bill. Aside from the entitlement explosion and the national security issues, this bill is a cynical corruption of the integrity of US sovereignty and citizenship.

My wife and the kids had their Green Cards stolen the other day. Cost of replacement of legal permanent resident cards: $1,040. Fine for 20 years of law-breaking within the United States: $2,000, less Social Security and EITC entitlements. Hmm.

I told the missus to hold off filling in the form for the replacement card. Having been rendered inadvertently undocumented, she may at last be in the winning category.

Mark Steyn had another piece this week that was brilliant…check back, I’ll dig it up.

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