Doctors find swelling in Baby Noor’s back

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 3:08 pm by Neal

Doctors find swelling in Baby Noor’s back:

Doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta found some swelling today on the back of Baby Noor, the Iraqi infant brought to Atlanta for treatment of a severe form of spina bifida, but they could not immediately determine the cause.

The exam found no evidence of a fluid build-up in Noor’s brain, which would have led to a second surgery to insert a shunt to drain the fluid.

Children’s Healthcare said in a statement that the fluid probably was either spinal fluid or fluid that resulted from post-surgery swelling.

Surgeons plan to drain the fluid in coming days and continue to keep a close watch on the baby, who is staying with a metro Atlanta host family.

Georgia National Guard soldiers found Noor while raiding a house near Baghdad last month. They made arrangements that led surgeons at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to perform life-changing surgery for free a week ago

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