Gore to Star in Brokeback Mountain Sequel…Alone

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 3:00 pm by Neal

This is funny. I can only add that Al Gore is perfect for this role given his oft-proven ability to screw himself.

Gore to Star in Brokeback Mountain Sequel…Alone:

by Scott Ott

(2006-01-17) — Former Vice President Al Gore, who won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election, yesterday made another in a series of speeches condemning the man he beat, President George Bush, and made a surprise announcement that he would add movie acting to his already diverse resume.

Mr. Gore told a tri-partisan gathering of political activists that he’s been cast in the lead role of Ang Lee’s sequel to ‘Brokeback Mountain’, the Golden Globe-winning cowboy adultery story.

An unnamed spokesman for Mr. Lee said the film, ‘Brokerecord Mountain’, “will tell the heartbreaking story of a man’s love for the sound of his own voice, and his futile crusade to convince others to love it as well.”

So far, no one else has been cast for the movie, according to the source, adding that “perhaps we shouldn’t have announced the deal with Al Gore until we got the rest of the actors under contract.”

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