Sheep in People’s clothing

Monday, November 21st, 2005 11:34 am by Neal

This letter was published in the Opinion section of a local Athens, Georgia paper. It is a response to a letter from a man who, after boasting of being a lifelong Democrat, blasted Republicans over nothing in particular. In other words, he typified the lack of logic and reasoning of lifelong Democrats. So, if you’ve been wondering how Democrats in Congress think they can re-write the history of the War in Iraq, keep in mind that the brain rot extends all the way down to the sheeple that follow them. Bahhh.

Lamar Page (Letters, “Don’t let Republicans play with matches,” Nov. 11) said he was a staunch Democrat, and went on to say he wouldn’t trust current Republican officeholders in hell with a match. He said one of them would strike it and set something on fire.

My guess is the Republicans would be looking for buckets of water to put out the already obvious fire. That’s unlike Democrats, who would stand around watching the place burn down and complain no one from the government came to put it out.

Jim Ivey

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