Republicans: Time to Grow some Testicles

Thursday, October 27th, 2005 11:17 am by Neal

OK, Harriet Miers has (not surprisingly) withdrawn her nomination for the Supreme Court. It was a mistake for the President to nominate her in the first place, but he probably feared that weak Congressional Republicans wouldn’t have the gonads to confirm a more proven Conservative.

Now is the time for both the President and the Republicans in Congress to grow some and do the right thing:

Nominate Justice Janice Rogers Brown, and get her through. Make the Democrats publicly fight the nomination of a highly-qualified, libertarian-minded, black female judge who was elected in California, of all places!

Come on, Republicans, fight for a change! We are sick and damned tired of your spinelessness. If you can’t use your majority to stand up to the Socialist left in this country, we’ll throw you out and elect representatives who can.

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