HR on the Plame Game

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005 10:57 pm by Neal

HR has weighed in on the Valerie Plame game:

Is this investigation going to lead to questions about why the CIA was
out trying to dig up information that was eventually used to strike at
the Bush administration? Was the Joe Wilson trip just a farce so that
later he could do a faux expose’ with the co-operation of the NY Times?
Joe Wilson’s performance was and continues to be congruent with the
views of many in the CIA. It serves the interests of the Agency by
helping cover up the CIA’s own incompetence and by helping take down a
presidential administration which it considers an enemy.

Are we just seeing the tip of the iceberg of an attempted coup d’etat by
the Agency not by physical assassination but via political machinations
that tamper with the democratic process in the USA? Were foreign
powers, like France, involved with the CIA operations to topple a
presidency? Why did Valerie go meet Joe in Paris immediately after his
little sideshow trip to Niger? Was it because they wanted to confer
with their French friends?

There are big questions that make the question of who first said Valerie
Plame’s name out loud seem beyond trivial. Maybe it would be a good
thing for someone to actually go on trial for the farce of Plamegate if
the trial could drag some of the sleazy, incompetent, politicized
activites of the CIA into the bright light of day.

I quess this speculation falls into the tinfoil hat category, but the
more I hear about the whole Valerie and Joe mess the more suspicious I
become of what elements in the CIA might have done to rid themselves of
a President they hated, especially when this President was beginning to
realize that the CIA was not a faithful, or even competent, organization.

Keep ’em coming.

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