Thoughts – Part II

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 10:15 am by Tyler Butler

“Why do so many people have such a problem understanding the concept of increased tax revenue through volume? That way everybody wins.”

“I just can’t understand why anyone thinks they are entitled to what someone else worked for and earned. I learned about taking away other kids toys in the sandbox at three.”

“How can jobs be created without offering any incentive to the only people capable of creating jobs? Instead, they offer punishment for success.”

“If a person’s response to something you say is to question your vocabulary down to the simplest of words, they just didn’t want to listen in the first place.”

“I’m suspicious of people who won’t give me a straight answer to anything I ask, always jumping to a different topic. What it says to me is that most likely, the basis of their thoughts and beliefs is emotion.”

“As a small business person, I wouldn’t hire someone whose work record shows them to be terribly inefficient. Much less give them an opportunity to expand on their inefficiency.”

“Why would I possibly want to convince anyone to think like I do? I mean I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

“How can one possibly think that new jobs are being created to any significant degree. All one has to do is look at how the statistics are structured to know that only a fool would believe this is job creation.”

“The only people who think that government can do a good job handling their healthcare, have never dealt with the Medicare program ‘helping’ people they love.”

“I never want to be defined as belonging to any political party so that people can automatically think they know what and how I think. The only party I care to belong to is the one where I arrive with a six-pack.”

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