Friday, May 21st, 2010 6:33 pm by Tyler Butler

“There may be no greater threat to the idealist than facts.”

“It seems that as the relationship between what one does and what one earns becomes more loosely defined, the empathy for the small business person becomes less and less.”

“I looked up liberal and conservative in the dictionary. Neither one sounds like the people I know.”

“How can a person vote for change without asking the question ‘change to what?’ Even the Wolf Man changes.”

“One thing I am absolutely certain of – whoever someone thinks I am and I think they are – is wrong.”

“As a small business person, I wouldn’t hire someone whose work record shows them to be inefficient, much less expand an existing position with the thought they could handle it.”

“As a creative person, I’ve made a life out of dreams in la-la land. The one place I’ve found it not at all appropriate though is economics.”

“Fiscal matters are one of the few things I have ‘conservative’ opinions about. I took a survey though, and most people said putting food on the table was important.”

“I can trace every screw-up in my life to something I said or did based upon emotion, which is exactly why I don’t let my life philosophy be inspired by them.”

“I called every poor person I know today and not a single one of them had a job for me.”

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