Johnny and Saxby: Georgia’s Porkers

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 10:39 pm by Neal
Georgia Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson (standing, on right) initially supported the Shamnesty Bill with Ted Kennedy. One year later, these two embarrassments joined Democrats to pass the pork-laden Farm Bill. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Read Robert Novak’s, The GOP at the Trough:

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, 38 and having served less than five terms, did not leap over a dozen of his seniors to become the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee by bashing GOP leaders. But an angry Ryan delivered unscripted remarks on the House floor last Wednesday as the farm bill neared passage: “This bill is an absence of leadership. This bill shows we are not leading.”

Ryan’s fellow reformer Jeff Flake of Arizona, 45 and in his fourth term, is less cautious about defying the leadership and has been kept off key committees. On Wednesday, he said of a $300 billion bill that raises farm subsidies and is filled with non-farm pork, “Sometimes, here in Washington, we tend to drink our own bath water and believe our own press releases.”

A bill that raises spending 44 percent above last year’s level has been approved by a majority of both Senate and House Republicans, dooming any chance of sustaining President Bush’s promised veto. GOP leaders were divided, with Bush sounding an uncertain trumpet. Today’s Republican Party — divided, drifting, demoralized — is epitomized by the farm bill.

Republican congressmen are like Democrats, just more cowardly. When Hillary says that she believes health care is a right, she believes it. When she says that a collectivist society is preferable to an “on your own society”, she really, honestly believes it. Likewise when she says she would repeal President Bush’s irresponsible tax cuts.

Many Democrats have extremist beliefs that would devastate this country, but give them credit for saying what they believe and following through with it.

Republicans are actually Invertebrates — animals born without a spine — which is why they can’t stand up to anything. It also explains why, when challenged by Democrats, their only response is to roll over. Republicans claim to be “fiscally conservative” but then spend money like drunken Democrats. This Farm bill fiasco is just the latest in a long line of despicable spending bills that show the Republicans to be complete and utter hypocrites. Oh, they’re also stupid.

A Republican Senator bobs for pigs feet.

Johnny and Saxby: Proud, good ol’ porkers who think they’re bringin’ home the bacon.

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