Barbara Walters taken to the wood shed

Monday, May 5th, 2008 11:50 pm by Neal


Walters, in a bid to sell her new 612-page book, “Audition,” is pimping out former U.S. Senator Ed Brooke . . . telling the world that she had a long-term sexual affair with him, while he was married to another woman. …

But the man she’s throwing under the bus is 88 years old. He only recently fought off breast cancer and had a mastectomy. He is on the edge of his grave and certainly toward the end of his life. Why is she doing this now . . . or ever? Why is she doing this, other than to sell books and earn for her publishers the $4 million advance she received for this $30 tome of drivel?


Walters writes that if her father and sister were still alive, she couldn’t have written the book: “It’d be too painful for them, too personal.” How exactly does she think it is for Brooke, who is very much alive? Walters writes that she was “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of her mentally-disabled sister. It should have been vice versa.


While the thrice-divorced Walters may think she’s revealing something here, the only thing revealed is solely about Walters: that she was a skank before the slang term was born, that she continues to have no class, and that the level of respect and gushing traditionally showered upon her is vastly over-rated and always has been. Nothing new in any of these revelations. …

“Don’t kiss and tell” is sage advice, clearly never taught to Ms. Walters. What a shame that in all those hours in “The View” dressing room–while a skilled hairdresser manicly teases the seven hairs left into a faux mass of volume atop her still-scheming scalp–no-one thought to teach Walters that a woman of any substance never tells.

Yes, “never kiss and tell” would have been great advice for Walters. But even more sage advice for prominent men in America would have been, “Don’t sleep with Barbara Walters.”

At this stage of the game–and, likely, many decades before it–that’s a warning most straight American men with eyesight don’t need to hear, anyway.


No, Debbie Schlussel doesn’t care for Barbara Walters.

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