An Inconvenient Scam

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 11:28 am by Neal

Global warming alarmists the world over cite Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” as the definitive source for all of their opinions on the subject. When debating human-induced global warming, we often hear, “Well, have you seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’?” presented as the slam-dunk argument on why global warming is going to destroy the planet any day now.

Yes, we’ve seen it, and we’ve read the book. Not impressed. It’s a shoddy power-point presentation riddled with falsehoods and appeals to emotion. Moreover, it fails to make a convincing scientific case for the proposed hypothesis.

Now we learn that this so-called documentary faked a key scene! The make-believe scene in question features lying narrator Al Gore pretending to show a helicopter flying over a calving, “majestic” 700-foot high glacier. In reality, the entire scene is based on imaginary, computer-generated footage stolen from the fictional movie, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Well, inconvenient truthers, what do you think about that?

We can answer our own question: your denial runs so deep that you will justify this lie as “fake but accurate.” This is reminiscent of disgraced “journalist” Dan Rather who still stands by the “fake but accurate” Memogate scandal that destroyed his career — you know, the story based on fake documents that supposedly originated on a 1970’s-era typewriter and were later shown to have been printed from Microsoft Word.

We can hear you now, “Well, it really doesn’t matter that Al Gore used computer-generated imagery. After all, the facts of the glaciers melting is real. It’s like using stock footage. That changes nothing.”

We think it’s appropriate that an imaginary hypothesis is backed-up with imaginary evidence.

You global warming cultists keep on believing Al Gore and the United Nation’s lies. After all, like all other cults, your beliefs are based solely on faith, and you wouldn’t know a valid scientific theory if one hit you in the head.

Click here for a video that shows Al Gore’s lying, faked scene juxtaposed with the original footage from “The Day After Tomorrow.”


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