Update on Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 3:16 pm by Neal

Yesterday we wrote on a horrible wreck caused by one Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez who was fleeing a fender bender when he collided with a Braselton family killing Rodney James Godfrey, 47, and his son Eric Godfrey, 17.

We speculated that Vicente-Hernandez may be yet-another illegal alien murderer because he did not have a legal, Georgia driver’s license, and that he may have been driving intoxicated. We promised to keep our readers updated as the story progresses. Well, WSB Radio 750 has an article today that questions the legal status of Vicente-Hernandez. From Wrong-Way Driver an Illegal?

The investigation into Sunday night’s deadly wrong way crash in Cobb County has determined the man who caused the accident did not have a Georgia driver’s license and was most likely in this country illegally.

Marietta police spokesman Mark Bishop says 29-year-old Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez was able to obtain car insurance last October by providing an agent with the Infinity Insurance Company in Kennesaw a valid license issued in Mexico.

The incident report also revealed that Vicente-Hernandez had been involved in two other fender benders prior to the fatal wreck on the Canton Road Connector that claimed the lives of two members of a Braselton family.

Vicente-Hernandez was fleeing the initial accident when he sideswiped a second vehicle while driving the wrong way.

In addition, an open records check of local, state and federal databases could not locate any information to show that Vicente-Hernandez, who had lived in Kennesaw for the last twelve years, was a legal resident of the United States.

Stay tuned. We’ll be following this story closely.

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