Scandal? What scandal?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 6:26 pm by Neal

What scandal? That would certainly be your response if you only get news from the MSM — the alphabet soup TV networks and the major newspapers in this country. But, since you’re reading this, you are likely aware of the scandal involving the Air America radio network receiving “questionable” loans from a children’s charity in New York. Even Air-head America personality Al Franken referred to this scandal as a case of, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” At least he got the robbing part right.

The other scandal is the complete press blackout over the Air America scandal. The Media Research Center has more information on the deafening silence here.

Keep it up, MSM. With every duplicitous act of favoritism and bias you show to the left, you proportionally strengthen the influence of Talk Radio and Internet blogs. And for that I thank you.

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