Illegal or Drunk? Place your bets.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 9:26 am by Neal


03/19/2008Update on Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez


Neal Boortz has a very sad story about an “accident” in Atlanta this past weekend.

Several months ago a congressional report was released which showed that illegal aliens are responsible for about 25 deaths every day in this country. Twelve of those deaths come from homicides, and the other 13 result from illegals driving drunk.

We had a little accident in the Atlanta area Sunday night. Rodney Godfrey and his son Eric are dead. Godfrey’s wife was injured along with his 12-year-old daughter. So here we have a wife and daughter who must go on without a husband, father and brother. They were killed when a minivan driving on the wrong side of the road ran into them head on. The minivan was driven by one Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez. He was killed also. The newspaper doesn’t seem to want to tell if this man was an illegal alien. Anyone want to place some bets? My guess is that our lax immigration policies and the Mexican invasion have claimed a few more American lives.

We don’t yet know if this bastard was either an illegal alien or drunk (or both); however, the fact that he didn’t have a driver’s license at least suggests the former. He causes a fender-bender and then in the course of fleeing, kills two innocent Americans. Hmmm…something is mighty suspicious about someone who was so hell-bent on not getting caught after a mere fender-bender. Perhaps he knew that if the police arrived, his “status” would be discovered, and his illegal ass would be deported. Just a guess.

“Committing the crimes Americans won’t commit.”

From the AJC article, Driver fleeing crash goes wrong way kills three in Marietta:

The wrong-way driver in a crash that killed him and two members of a Braselton family was trying to get away after being involved in fender-bender minutes before the fatal wreck, Marietta police said Monday.

Nicasio Rodrigo Vicente-Hernandez, 29, was trying to get away after a minor traffic accident on Cobb Parkway, near the Canton Road bridge, Sunday about 9 p.m, police said witnesses told them.

Police were not pursuing Vicente-Hernandez at that time and only learned about the earlier wreck as they were investigating the fatal crash.

Vicente-Hernandez fled the first wreck. He got onto the Canton Road Connector the wrong way and rammed his 1999 Mercury Villager van head-on into a southbound 1995 Ford Taurus driven by Rodney James Godfrey, 47, of Braselton, said Detective Jake King, a Marietta police spokesman.

Eric Godfrey, 17, also was killed.

Mary Clare Godfrey, 51, was in serious condition Monday at Atlanta Medical Center. The couple’s 12-year-old son was taken to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. Because the youth’s name was not released by police, the hospital could not provide information on his condition.

The accident is still under investigation. Toxicology tests were ordered for Vicente-Hernandez, but it could take several days before the results are known. Police could not find a valid license on Vicente-Hernandez.

As soon as toxicology tests and the legal status of murderer Vicente-Hernandez are revealed, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned. What’s your bet?

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