Laura Bush, Islam, and Women’s Rights

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 10:45 am by Neal

This is a picture of Laura Bush in the United Arab Emirates on her Breast Cancer Tour. Apparently, the thing on the right is a female breast cancer survivor. Debbie Schlussel has more pictures and alternative captions that are worth checking out.

What an ironic juxtaposition: the First Lady of the Free World smiling as she sits next to a slave! “Hey, we’re just two chicks chatting about breast cancer and the latest fashions.”

This is a great example of the intellectual rot wrought by the moral relativism fallacy of multiculturalism that “all cultures are equally valid.” Treating women like this is wrong, period, and it can’t be justified or sanctioned as “their culture” or “their customs.” In this photograph, Laura Bush is not making a statement about breast cancer. She is giving sanction to a medieval religion and culture that quite literally enslaves and dehumanizes women. In so doing, she is promoting the poisonous, liberal doctrine of moral relativism that haunts academia and European “democracies.”

Shame on you, Laura Bush.

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