Iran Bans Pet Dogs

Monday, September 17th, 2007 1:16 pm by Neal
Dogs are taken from their owners and kept at a detention center (Source). Michael Vick said to be devestated.

This makes us wonder if Iran is cracking-down on dog ownership now because of the latest faux-outrage over Swedish cartoons depicting the head of Muhammad on a dog’s body? Or, perhaps this is just the latest sign that Iran’s mad mullahs are getting nuttier.

Iran: Tehran Officials Begin Crackdown On Pet Dogs

Iranian officials say that according to Islam, dogs are considered to be dirty animals, and people who own dogs are viewed as being under Western influence. Some conservative clerics have denounced dog ownership as “morally depraved” and say it should be banned.

Friday prayer leader Hojatoleslam Gholamreza Hassani, who is known for his hard-line stances, was quoted a few years ago as saying that all dog owners and their dogs should be arrested.

In the past, dog owners have received warnings or were forced to pay fines for having a pet dog. Despite such harassment, dog ownership has increased over the years, especially among young people in Tehran.

One of them is 23-year-old Banafshe, whose dog was recently detained in Tehran for 48 hours and then released on bail. Banafshe says she was walking her young puppy, Jessica, when Iranian police snatched the dog and took her to a dog “jail.” The dog’s crime was “walking in public.”

Banafshe claims the police insulted her, but out of fear for her dog, she didn’t protest. She said she told the police that Allah says in the Koran that nothing bad has been created in this world.

“They said, ‘We want to get rid of Western culture,'” Banafshe said. “They said, ‘You live in an Islamic country, it’s not right to have dogs. Are you not Islamic? Why does your family allow you to own a dog?’ They insulted me, they even told me that they hope my dog will die. But there was nothing I could do but cry. You can’t imagine how badly I was insulted.”

So, the mullahs “want to get rid of Western culture.” What will they ban next? Cars? Movies? Radios? Computers? Indoor plumbing? Chia Pets?

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