“Caption this picture” Contest

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 10:50 am by Neal
Authorities say the family was enjoying their summer outing until the “creature” attacked.

“Just because I let you in the water, don’t think you’re going to that ‘Wet Burqua Contest’ tonight.”
– cyclops

“Give me a kis…Hey! You’re not one of my wives!”

Dear southchild.com Readers:

Let’s have a “Caption this picture” contest. This one just begs it, wouldn’t you agree? Send your caption to southchild@gmail.com, and we’ll publish the best ones. Send us your name if you’d like credit. While we’re at it, help us to improve this blog by letting us know if you’d like to see user accounts with comments enabled. We’re planning an upgrade to our software, and we’re considering this.

Have fun and thanks for visiting!

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