More Government School Idiocy

Thursday, September 6th, 2007 10:51 am by Neal
The “Loser Cruiser” is back!

It’s the first week of September, so all of the government “schools” are back in business burning through billions of property tax dollars to indoctrinate your precious children in Government 101 — Ineptitude Knows No Limits.

Don’t fret, however, because we know that your government school — like your Congressman — is doing a great job. Here are a couple that aren’t doing so great.

Our first story comes from the fine State of Arizona where they’re having trouble finding government school English teachers who can speak English. You would think that a command of the English language would be a prerequisite to teaching English to children, but hey, this is government!

Hundreds of students in Arizona are trying to learn English from teachers who don’t know the language, state officials say.

The kids are taught by teachers who don’t know English grammar and can’t pronounce English words correctly. Last year, for example, a Mesa teacher stood in front of a class of language learners and announced, “Sometimes, you are not gonna know some.” A teacher in Phoenix’s Creighton Elementary District asked her kids, “If you have problems, to who are you going to ask?” A Casa Grande Elementary District teacher asked her kids to “read me first how it was before.”

Each year, the state evaluates a sampling of classrooms where kids are learning English. Last year, officials visited 32 districts and found similar problems at nine. Some teachers’ English was so poor that even state officials strained to understand them. The state also found that students learning English at all ages were being taught by teachers who did not have appropriate training or materials. At a dozen districts, evaluators found teachers who ignored state law and taught in Spanish.

At nine districts, some teachers did not know correct English grammar or pronunciation. In one classroom, the teacher’s English was “labored and arduous.” Other teachers were just difficult to understand. Some teachers pronounced “levels” as “lebels” and “much” as “mush.”

At one school in Humboldt Unified, a teacher asked, “How do we call it in English?” Another teacher in Marana Unified told students, “You need to make the story very interested to the teacher.” A teacher at Phoenix’s Isaac Elementary explained, “My older brother always put the rules.” …

Twelve districts had to be reminded that Arizona law requires teachers to use only English in the classroom and bans all texts and materials in any language but English. Monitors found teachers who used too much Spanish translation to help students and used storybooks, textbooks, posters and bulletin boards that were written in Spanish.

Way to go, Arizona! We’re sure people all around the country are packing their bags, gassing up the car, and moving to your fine State so that their children can experience these wonderful, expensive schools for themselves. What a great way to get a bilingual education!

Next we have a story on a perennial condition of government schools — Zero Tolerance. Since these “schools” are preparing kids for lifelong government servitude, this is actually an appropriate lesson. After all, “zero tolerance = zero thought,” and mindless, arbitrary, arrogant government power is exactly what these kids can expect to experience throughout their lives. This example of zero tolerance comes to us from the fabulous Cobb County, Georgia schools.

More from Cobb County, Georgia. It seems that a Cobb County student, Will Chandler, was found with a Swiss Army knife in the center console of his car. I can tell you that I have a Swiss Army knife in the console of my car right now. The difference is, this kid is actually going to be charged with a felony! That’s right, folks … a felony! Bad kid? Nope .. he has no record of disciplinary problems at his school.

Do you have any idea what a felony conviction does to your life? This will dog him forever. Most employers run criminal background checks now … how many are willing to hire someone with a felony record? How about getting into college? How many colleges readily accept an applicant with a felony record?

The Cobb County schools say they are sticking with their decision to bring felony charges. That’s because they’re government schools, run by government hacks who couldn’t make it in the private sector.

Amazing. Just amazing. Cobb County school have a record of this nonsense. Several years ago they kicked little Ashley Smith out of school because she came to school with a little Tweetie Bird on a key chain. I guess it can be said that people who send their children to these Cobb County government schools pretty much get what they deserve.

What a life lesson, and a lifelong criminal record to go with it! Way to go, Cobb County. You guys make our job too easy.

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