UK Gun Crimes Soar After Gun Ban

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 4:11 pm by Neal

File this story in the “Say It Isn’t So!” category.

UK Gun Crimes Soar After Gun Ban

Gun crimes in England have almost doubled since 1997, when a ban on firearms began.

According to the Sunday Times of London, crimes in which guns were used numbered 4,671 in 2005-06.

Also, government officials report that most gun crime is committed by children and teenagers under 18 years old.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, told the Telegraph: “What this shows is that the majority of these crimes are committed by youngsters under 18.

“The government’s policy has failed with the group most responsible for this increase in crime. It is long past time the Government stopped believing its own propaganda, and took measures to get a grip.”

Ha ha, that’s a good one. Since when did government stop believing its own propaganda? What David Davis (permission to slap parents granted) needs to realize is that anti-gun laws only disarm those who legally possess guns. Criminals, by definition and regardless of age, don’t follow laws.

It’s not complicated. Even the Socialists and leftists running England can figure this one out.

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