Put a book in a toilet, and go to Jail.

Monday, July 30th, 2007 1:00 pm by Neal
This is a Koran in a toilet. The Koran is a book. If Stanislav Shmulevich is prosecuted for putting a book in a toilet, then there can be no doubt as to this fact: “Political Correctness — hate crime laws — has destroyed the First Amendment protection of free expression.”

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By now, you’ve likely heard the unbelievable news that Pace University student Stanislav Shmulevich is being charged with two felonies for putting a Koran in a toilet. LGF first broke the story, and they have this update:

The case of Stanislav Shmulevich, charged with two felony counts for dunking a Koran in a toilet at New York’s Pace University when he was a student there, has really caught people’s attention. More than a thousand comments have been posted today already, so here’s another thread to discuss it.

I want to point out again what I think is a very important aspect of this case—the university only referred the incident to the NYPD’s hate crimes unit after Muslim student groups and the Council on American Islamic Relations applied pressure to the school to make an example of Shmulevich.

The Newsday article claims:

Muslim activists had called on Pace University to crack down on hate crimes after the incidents. As a result, the university said it would offer sensitivity training to its students.

The school was accused by Muslim students of not taking the incident seriously enough at first. Pace classified the first desecration of the holy book as an act of vandalism, but university officials later reversed themselves and referred the incident to the New York Police Department’s hate crimes unit.

Michelle Malkin’s lead story today is on this topic, “Which of these is a crime in America?” She compares this “crime” to other examples of tasteless behavior such as dunking a crucifix in urine (so-called “art”) and burning an American flag (so-called “protesting”), neither of which is a crime.

Each is offensive and tasteless in its own way. But only one is a hate crime in the eyes of the law — C) — and 23-year-old Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn faces jail time for it. He’s a Pace University student arrested on Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Koran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, according to police.

Charles Johnson at LGF has been in contact with Shmulevich. He reports that the student has been charged with two felonies, criminal mischief and aggravated harassment. Allahpundit has a thorough legal review.

Allah’s legal review is especially worth reading.

This story is a glaring reminder of how freedom — in this case our First Amendment Freedom of Expression — is being eroded right now, right here in the US. It’s not just Europe that’s succumbing to Islamic oppression and liberal political correctness. Nowhere in our Constitution exists the “right not to get your feelings hurt.” There is no freedom from annoyance. This case also highlights the gross double-standard that Islam is somehow “more protected” than every other religion. Does anybody honestly believe Stanislav Shmulevich would be facing jail time for flushing a Bible, a Torah, or a copy of “Silent Spring?”

Pay attention to this case because there is a war being fought in the United States this very minute, and it is a war to force Americans to submit to Islam. This war is being waged by Muslim groups like CAIR in concert with leftist Universities — innovators in speech codes and hate crimes. Liberals want us to lose in Iraq and to lose at home. This is how freedom is destroyed.


Update (07/30/2007) — Little Green Footballs has an update on this story, “Pace University Mindcrime Update:”

Stanislav Shmulevich, as you may know, was charged last week with two felony counts for dunking a Koran in a toilet at New York’s Pace University when he was a student there. This morning, offers to help him fight this outrage have been pouring in. There are several attorneys involved, and as soon as there’s a way for interested people to contact the defense team, I’ll post it here.

Thanks to everyone who’s emailed and offered assistance; this story has really touched a nerve among Americans who value free expression and refuse to be bullied by CAIR and the MSA and their Wahhabist masters.

Read the whole post. As it turns out, there is a rich history of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) intimidating and silencing free expression at the disgraced Pace University, including an incident where the Pace Administration “threatened police action against Hillel if they showed the film Obsession.” Stay tuned.

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