Global Warmers Target Fat People

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 3:37 pm by Neal

The global warming cultists continue to slide into intellectual oblivion, ensuring that eventually nobody will take them seriously. This is too bad because we do need to consider real, objective science (how sad that I must qualify it that way); however, this silliness has gotten completely out-of-hand.

I refer to this article by Ian Roberts, ” Say No to Global Guzzling – How the Obesity Epidemic is Aggravating Global Warming,” in a magazine called “New Scientist.” This rag may be new but it in no way remotely resembles science. For a great critique of this garbage, read “Fat People are Killing the Polar Bears.” Back to the “New Scientist” article,

We tend to think of obesity only as a public-health problem, but many of its causes overlap with those of global warming. Car dependence and labour-saving devices have cut the energy people expend as they go about their lives, at the same time increasing the amount of fossil fuel they burn. It’s no coincidence that obesity is most prevalent in the US, where per capita carbon emissions exceed those of any other major nation, and it is becoming clear that obese people are having a direct impact on the climate.

Does a dependence on cars and labor-saving devices increase the amount of fossil fuels consumed by an individual? That sounds like a reasonable position, but it is pure speculation. Moreover, read that last sentence again: “…it is becoming clear that obese people are having a direct impact on climate.” Folks, that is complete and total nonsense. No evidence is offered to backup such an absurd hypothesis because none can be! It simply isn’t possible to measure changes in climate caused by obese people. The argument is predicated on the assumption that humans are responsible for warming; therefore, any human activity involving fossil fuels is “clearly” responsible. This reasoning is as far from science as an argument can get.

But Roberts isn’t through. I have argued that many supporters of human-induced global warming are actually Socialists who have an anti-Capitalist agenda. Writers like Ian Roberts make my case:

The social stigma attached to obesity is one of the few forces slowing the epidemic – even though obesity is not a personal failing but a problem of society. We live in an environment that serves primarily the financial interests of the corporations that sell food, cars, and petroleum.

Got that? Like a good little Communist, Roberts believes that “society” is responsible for obese individuals. Here we see the classic anti-individual agenda in action. Also note that last sentence (again). According to Roberts, individuals do not choose to purchase food, cars, and fuel to meet their individual needs and desires. Instead, the evil corporations have created an “environment” in which the masses exist to meet their needs. We are just a bunch of brain-washed sheep mindlessly slaving away to serve the corporations by buying their poisons.

This kind of backwards reasoning is what you get when politically-motivated Socialists attempt to speak as scientists.

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