Dick Morris is Factually WRONG

Thursday, May 24th, 2007 3:59 pm by Neal

Dick Morris, who prides himself on being the foremost campaign strategist in the country, may indeed have great insight into political campaigns and trends; however, he needs to learn to get his facts straight. In his piece, “Republicans Should Back Immigration Compromise” he erroneously writes,

Had the Republicans gotten it together to pass such a bill while they ran Congress, they would have gotten unambiguous credit for the achievement. This history would have made it possible to switch Latinos into Republican voters. Surely, two-thirds of Latinos would not have voted Democrat as they did, in their disappointment with the lack of a bill, in 2006.

In fact, the Republican Party could well have held onto the Senate with a few Latino switches in key states like Georgia and Missouri.

Uh, no Dick, that’s just wrong. Georgia already has two Republican US Senators so your statement is factually incorrect. Maybe Dick meant to say “Virginia” instead of “Georgia” (hey, those southern states all look the same), but what does that tell you about Dick Morris if he can’t even get his states straight?

And Morris’ analysis about illegal Hispanics embracing the Republican party is bullshit also.

What a Dick.

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