AKA — Ass-Kissing Apologists

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 3:44 pm by Neal
Dumb-ass, shock-jock Don Imus kisses the ass of dumb-ass, race ho Al Sharpton. We lament this scene as a missed opportunity for a 500-lb, laser-guided bomb.

Boortz weighs in.

Michelle Malkin looks at the lyrics in the Top 6 “songs” in this week’s Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart. Garbage never smelled so bad, and we’re surprised at the complete lack of originality that permeates these “songs.” It’s hard to believe anyone would spend their hard-stolen, welfare money on this stuff.

Finally, Mike AdamsLittle Milky — demonstrates how one should respond to racial slurs, and he concludes with a statement everyone can agree with:

So, shame on you, racist Reverend. And, shame on you, Don Imus, for consenting to an interrogation at the hands of Al Sharpton. He might not be nappy headed. But he certainly is a whore.

Ho, ho, ho.

It’s amazing how similar this story is to this Southpark episode.

Except the Southpark episode is actually very, very funny.

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