Quitting Public School

Saturday, March 17th, 2007 11:23 am by Neal

Yesterday we picked on government schools in a story on terrorists and school buses. What better time then to note “Quitting Public School” by Michael McBride.

Which is why I strongly believe the great equalizer was our public primary education. My mother retired as an elementary school principal from the same district. So I was a believer in our public schools…”was” is the operative word. Past tense.

For a number of years we went along with my daughter’s teachers’ recommendations. We have suffered through the mediocre dissemination of knowledge. We met indifference and incompetence, and worse, apathy and denial. We have encountered scant little passion, and even less competency. In short, it has been pathetic.

Read the article for a chronicling of his daughter’s experiences in the government school factories.

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