Hispanic Group Opposes Illegals

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 12:40 pm by Neal

The AP has a story on a Hispanic group that opposes the invasion of illegals and wants to collaborate with the media-maligned Minutemen group. From “Hispanic group calls for talk with Minutemen:”

WICHITA (AP) — A local Hispanic organization has plans to hold a community forum with a group that promotes reporting illegal immigrants.

Bob Hernandez, co-chairman of The People’s Alliance for Latino Advancement, said his group wants to arrange the forum with the Kansas Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., so the two groups can explain their missions, discuss problems and identify immigration solutions. The date of the forum has not been announced.

The Minuteman organization encourages people to identify illegal immigrants’ addresses. The group will report check-cashing facilities and landlords who do business with or rent to illegal immigrants.

”If you’re here legally standing in line to become a citizen, I’m cheering you on,” said Ed Hayes, founder of the Kansas Minuteman chapter. ”But people who come here from countries all over the world, illegally, from the northern and southern borders, we want them to go home.”

Hernandez said he agrees with the Minuteman group’s mission to speak out against illegal immigration.

”If white people stand up and do it, they’re called racists,” he said. ”If Mexicanos like myself do it, people will say, ‘You have a point.”’

Hernandez, a National Guardsman, said he’s against open borders and people who profit from smuggling immigrants. There is no oversight for Mexico’s government, which keeps wages low and caters to the rich, he said. So people flee north and send billions of dollars back home.

”We want the U.S. government to quit pandering to Mexico,” Hernandez said. ”We want Mexico to take care of (its) people.”

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