Global Warming as European Imperialism

Thursday, March 1st, 2007 12:21 pm by Neal

This is great! Please read “Global Warming as European Imperialism”.

When you’ve finished reading it, forward the link to everyone you know who mindlessly repeats the lie that “America is an Imperial power.” And, shame on you, Pat Buchanan for not knowing your history. Why don’t you learn the real history of European Imperialism before you slander this great country with that slur.

The great Global Warming scare is only the latest eructation of European imperialism. Euro-imperialism used to be known as socialism. Before that, it was just called British or French imperialism, because those countries were very proud of it. There was no need to lie. The only reason today’s huge European effort to control the world isn’t called “imperialism” any more, is that its supporters hate that word. The reality of imperial control is fine with them.

According to one dictionary, imperialism is

“the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.”

That is exactly European policy today with regard to Global Warming.

But that’s only the dictionary. The media don’t follow the dictionary definition of imperialism. They follow Vladimir Lenin’s definition instead. For Lenin, imperialism had to be a capitalist plot. Only capitalists could exploit colonies for their resources; the fact that this is plain unvarnished nonsense was part of its charm. It’s like the slogan that Blacks can’t be racists. It makes no sense, but to certain people bigger nonsense means more profundity.

Committed American leftists and socialists depend on this illusion to sustain their world view. “Progressivism” — the currently unmasked term for European Socialism — is dependent on a pack of lies and historical distortions to conceal the truly devastating legacy of Imperialism. The world has suffered far too long so that European “elites” can “feel” superior. The article concludes with this poignant observation:

Having been burned badly by Europe’s ideological imperialism in recent history, will India and China swallow the new version, a.k.a. Global Warming? And sacrifice their own growing prosperity to avoid a disaster that never will be? When even Europe itself is just pretending to be lowering CO2 emissions?

India and China would be utter fools if they fell for Europrop again. How many decades of ruin do you need, before you begin to suspect the snake oil salesman?

So watch for Al Gore to run out of steam in a couple of years. Soon the Greens will be looking for another false alarm to scare the chickens with. What will it be? Asteroids crunching the earth? Aliens from outer space? That old stand-by, the international Jewish conspiracy? Regardless, you know who will be wearing the White Hats and the Black Hats. Because the story always stays the same. Only the details are changed.

There’s a lot here. Do yourself a favor today and give it a read.

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