The Global Warming Prayer

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 1:04 pm by Neal

The global warming debate is a fascinating case-study in arguing with liberals. There are two sides in this debate:

  1. Those who accept the Lord Global Warming with all their hearts and with all their soul. This is the prosecution.
  2. Those who are trying to convince the inquisitor that there is, in fact, a defendant present in the courtroom.

Read Global Hot Air by Thomas Sowell.

The political left’s favorite argument is that there is no argument. Their current crusade is to turn “global warming” into one of those things that supposedly no honest and decent person can disagree about, as they have already done with “diversity” and “open space.”

It is not just the sky that is falling. Government money is falling on those who seek grants to study global warming and produce “solutions” for it. But that money is not as likely to fall on those skeptics in the scientific community who refuse to join the stampede.

Yes, Virginia, there are skeptics about global warming among scientists who study weather and climate. There are arguments both ways — which is why so many in politics and in the media are so busy selling the notion that there is no argument.

If you heard both arguments, you might not be so willing to go along with those who are prepared to ruin the economy, sacrificing jobs and the national standard of living on the altar to the latest in an unending series of crusades, conducted by politicians and other people seeking to tell everyone else how to live.

Now, repeat after me the Global Warming Prayer:

“Dear Gaia, I know that I am a sinner on my way to Hell — a hot planet. I know that I have no hope in myself. I repent of my sins, and show this by turning away from them, selling my car, and walking to You in faith, as my Lord and Savior. I trust in the shed ice of Antarctica to cleanse me from my sins. I believe that you were melted, and that you froze again as You have said, and that one day, You will take me home to be with You in glory. I now accept You as my Lord and Savior. Thank You for saving my soul. In Marx’s name, Amen.”

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