Posthumous Nobel Peace Prize

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 9:52 am by Neal

(HT: Little Green Footballs)

Listen to the words of the relatives of the bastard who initiated the recent homicide attack in Israel: “Bomber’s brother: We’re happy Muhammad is the hero.” Despite Israel’s success in defending itself against these attacks, the Palestinian Death Cult is alive and well.

“The whole family was very happy when it heard that Muhammad is the hero who carried out the attack,” said Naim Saqsaq, the brother of Muhammad Saqsaq, who carried out the suicide attack in Eilat that killed three people.

“We knew that he was waiting and praying for this moment. He always said, ‘If only I could be a shahid, if only I could carry out an attack.’ And here Allah gave him the privilege,” he told Ynet.

The brother recounted that Muhammad was an unemployed construction worker. He was married. His only daughter died from disease three weeks ago.

Naim Saqsaq said that in his opinion, by carrying out the terror attack, he wanted to send the message: “There is no place for killing and internal war, and that we should only fight against ‘the Zionist enemy.'”

Hear that logic? It sounds like Naim is nominating his dead, murdering brother for a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize award. You can count on Jimmy Carter to second the nomination.

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