It burns like Hell Fire

Monday, January 22nd, 2007 10:14 am by Neal

How about some Monday morning humor to help with “the unhappiest day of the year.”

Tejay sent us this hilarious review of Nair hair removing cream:

I got the Nair, did the patch test. Everything was aok, So I slathered it on thick, carefull not to rub it in, just cover a nice thick layer everywhere, including bikini, Took wash cloth and in short downward strokes, cleaned off the nair and hair, after 5 min. I was happy most of the hair was gone, I started to feel burning on bikkini area as i was getting off the nair. By time I got into the shower (within seconds) I was on fire down below, I had horrible bleeding sores( when I had none before)!!!!! It has been 3 days, and I still can’t put the fire out!!!! It is horrible, I sooth it for short amounts of time with vitamine E and collegen lotion, and sun burn lotion. But it still hurts!!! Cool baths, dry area good, and cover it offten with these creams, try to use a fragrance free cream or it will hurt worse, and don’t use regular lotion or vagisil or anything else!! Better yet just soap up and shave! Nair is awful!!!

Take my advise,
Burning Coochie

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