National Review editors get it

Thursday, November 16th, 2006 11:06 pm by Neal

Last week we wrote about the inevitability of amnesty under Bush and the democratic congress in “Amnesty America.” We noted that several, prominent political analysts understand this, and today’s editorial by the National Review editors indicates that they get it is as well. The first part of the editorial debunks the myth that opposition to amnesty sunk the Republicans in the election. The second part addresses the consequences of a Bush amnesty bill:

Senator Martinez was a lead sponsor of the amnesty bill that the Senate approved earlier this year, without the votes of most Republicans. His immigration views appear to be part of the rationale for his selection. A Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the bill, extrapolating from the experience of the 1986 amnesty, conservatively estimated that more than 14 million people would gain legal status and move toward citizenship because of the measure’s various amnesty provisions —— and this estimate didn’t even take into account the bill’s huge increases in future legal immigration.

So the White House’s answer to last week’s losses appears to be to pass a bill that most Republicans dislike, in the service of a policy that will import more Democratic voters to the country. Get ready for a long spell in the minority.

We hope that this is one of those “just told you so” moments that passes. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely.

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