Mohammad Cartoons, Revisited

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 9:17 pm by Neal
See our original post (with updates) on the Mohammad cartoons.

Today’s vent with Michelle Malkin is about the six month anniversary of the Mohammad Cartoons fiasco. Michelle’s re-cap is excellent whether you’re a cartoon veteran or a newbie. She replays two, significant videos from the heat of the controversy that really summed it up. Don’t miss it.

Being in the top ten of Michelle’s Cartoon blogburst was one of the highlights of this blog. Here’s what we had to say on 3 February 2006, the day first aired the cartoons:

So, Muslims around the world are rioting, pillaging, killing, blowing things up, kidnapping, issuing fatwah’s, hunting down cartoonists, and generally showing their collective ASS to the rest of the civilized world over CARTOONS?

To the serious followers of Islam who are not throwing a temper-tantrum like a spoiled child: You’d better get a grip on these “children” who are hijacking your “religion” (it looks more like a cult to us) before it becomes a third-rate joke to the rest of the serious world. Take back your trademark or lose it forever.

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