Nasrallah: Not so Fast.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 10:54 am by Neal

(Video kindly supplied by:

Here’s a video of Hezbollah grand poobah, Hassan Nasrallah basically saying that now is not the time to talk about disarming the Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon since they may have to “defend” Lebanon against the US and Israeli “invaders”. He was for the cease fire before he was against it. Whatever. If anyone has any illusions that these terrorists will actually disarm, that the UN “security forces” will actually move into the area and enforce the UN resolutions that have been ignored for years, and that Hezbollah won’t re-arm itself and rebuild it’s capabilities, then you must be a Democrat or member of the Bush State department.

The transcript is derived from a speech delivered by Nasrallah that aired on Al-Manar TV this past Monday.

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