Toronto: More Home-Grown Terror

Monday, August 14th, 2006 9:43 pm by Neal

(Hat tip: the always informative little green footballs)

Earlier, we discussed this past weekend’s pro-Hezbollah rallies in Washington, San Francisco and Toronto. Here’s a couple of blog reports and pictures from the Toronto rally courtesy of and By all means, check out their coverage. You need to know the degree of support that Islamic Fascists are receiving in the West.

Let’s start with the coverage from girlontheright.

I attended the anti-Hezbollah rally in Toronto today, to counter to pro-Hezbollah rally that was taking place in front of the Israeli Consulate. It is pretty terrifying to see such support for murderers and terrorists here in my own city.

How do you think these children are being raised?
As with any “peace” rally, one of the world’s worst slaughterers of innocents always shows up on someone’s t-shirt. It’s inevitable.

Next, some shots from

But before I get to the photos, I have to say that I am continually amazed at the protestors of the Left. Maybe I am too naive, maybe too new to attending protests, or think too straight that I can’t get my mind around them, but, they seem so much like contradictions in action.

It is a supposed peace rally. The signs posted around the city say that they are getting together to “Stop Israel Bombing Lebanon.” There were numerous speakers throughout the rally, all representing supposed disenfranchised or displaced groups. All wanting Israel to stop killing Lebanese innocents. (Never a mention of the constant bombardment of Northern Israel, indiscriminately, by Hezbollah – but whatever).

The author notes that on two occasions, the “rally leader” announced the deaths of 46 Israeli soldiers in Lebanon and both times cheers and applause go up from the crowd. That should dispel any notions that this was a “protest for peace”.

This is disturbing, using a child as an agent of propaganda: he’s the puppet holding the Nasrallah poster. The Khmer Rouge would be proud. The photographer blurred the innocent child’s face.
The crowd, large (probably near 1000), and chanting different things in different parts of the line up, at one point was clearly shouting: “Nasrallah is not a killer.”

Know thine enemy.

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