Hezbollah in Our Backyard

Sunday, August 13th, 2006 12:10 pm by Neal

(Hat tip: little green footballs)

Yesterday, 12 August 2006, there were pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel rallies in Washington, DC, San Fransisco, and Toronto. Here are images of the Socialists, Anarchists and Terrorist-supporters from all three rallies. Americans and Canadians, these are your neighbors. Europeans are already aware of the lovers of slavery that live among them.

We start with the rally in Washington, DC.

A supporter of the terror gang Hezbollah demonstrates in front of the White House, August 12, 2006.

Here’s your typical bunch of trendy Socialists. Nice beard, sporto. Oh, what do you Osama-lookalikes have against shoes (isn’t the desert supposed to be hot)?

Socialists are lovers of Hezbollah — what do you expect? August 12, 2006.

Next, check out the peace-loving citizens of San Francisco as they show solidarity with Hezbollah terrorists. The older, white guy on the left looks oh-so-progressive and peaceful, don’t you think? To the girl on the right, where’s your damned BURKA!

Stop the U.S.-Israeli War rally, San Francisco. August 12, 2006.

This shot is taken in front of San Francisco’s City Hall. Note that the supporters are sporting the latest, hip, terrorist garb which is just all the rage in San Fran these days. Also, note the placard of Hasan Nazarallah. Oh, and what the hell is an American Flag doing there?

Stop the U.S.-Israeli War rally, San Francisco. August 12, 2006.

Here’s a lovely citizen of Toronto showing his allegiance to and affection of Hasan Nazrallah, the cold-blooded murderer who leads Hezbollah.

Pro-Hezbollah rally in Toronto, August 12, 2006.

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