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Thursday, May 5th, 2005 2:50 am by Neal

A couple of weeks ago, I smoked another 5 pound pork loin in my charcoal grill/smoker. This time I used green apple wood (cut earlier in the day) over hot charcoal for abundant, sweet smoke. The meat was marinated in lemon juice and a small bit of leftover salsa and doused on all sides with a spice rub.

It was incredible. Thin slices of smokey-pink pork, and some special sauce, combined into a barbecue pork sandwich tastier than any I’ve had in a lonnnng time. I even smoked another 5-pounder for my buddy Tonya the following day AND threw in a bottle of sauce.

In lieu of the recipe, here are some pictures. As good as it was, I’ve got some ideas, plus another loin in the freezer. And 48 pounds of Kingsford. Stay tuned.

Click on the photos for a larger version.

Ready to Go

The heavily-seasoned pork loin and the grill are ready to tango. The largest log of apple wood is already heating up. My Dad, the grillmaster, informed me that green wood makes the best smoke. Not surprisingly, he was correct.

Note that the charcoal and wood are only on the right half of the grill.

Smoke baby smoke

Pork is smokin. All is well.

Smoking the loin away from the heat (left half of grill in this setup), is known as an indirect-heat technique.

the setup

The Locomotive. This thing is a very adequate $125 smoker. It’s being shy in this photo: normally this thing smokes like a hippie. Note that the thermometer reads 300 degrees.

bon apetit

Behold the smokey creation. The shiny, spicy crust is the best part of any slice.

I promise, it was damned good.

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  1. tom Says:

    I find it hard to believe a former vegetarian is giving pork smoking recipes on the web. This looks and sounds great! I use a simple paprika, salt pepper and sugar dry rub–but I can almost taste the lemon. What do you use for a dry rub?