Muslim Protest in Boston

Monday, July 24th, 2006 10:53 am by Neal

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Pro-Hezbollah poster at a Muslim rally in Boston

This is crazy!

Read this story with accompanying video of a man who was assaulted while trying to film an anti-Israel rally in Boston sponsored by the Muslim American Society.

Wake up, folks. This is happening in America. Please see my earlier post, What Does “Citizenship” Mean?.

(UPDATE: Also see “Hezbollah U.S.A, Part II” and “Hez Sleeper Cells Awakened”)

Here’s a quote from the intrepid videographer at the event, Seva Brodsky:

In the ensuing commotion, I suddenly noticed that Noah Cohen grabbed my camera and was quietly trying to break off its swivel monitor. This really stunned me — I didn’t expect he would go to such length and engage in criminally punishable behavior, but I guess, he figured he could afford to do so and get away with it, being surrounded by his comrades-in-arms with no police in sight. At this point, indignant and even outraged, realizing that I was entirely on my own and no help was forthcoming, I yanked the camera from his grip and a scuffle ensued which seemed to cool off his zeal substantially.

More people joined the melee, shouting and threatening me. Unfortunately, by this point my camera was off, so I did not capture what had transpired then. One man told me that the police would not help me, as they were going to hunt me down and kill me (he can be heard on the video repeatedly commanding me not to take pictures):

From the rally, here’s a picture of one David Rolde, an ultra-leftist and member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts. Why in the hell are American leftists in love with fascists and the most oppressive, misogynistic demons on the planet? Also, note that there were many uncovered women in attendance. When are these hypocrites going to put their money where their mouths are and start wearing their damned burkas?

David Rolde, Secretary and Administrative Committee member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

Seva, the very brave man who filmed this “protest” and was assaulted, asks the following questions after his ordeal:

1. Why is it that I was the only pro-Israel person who was there out in the open? Where were others? If they were there, did they take notes, pictures, and videos?

2. Was the FBI there? Their field office could have had a field day, and I hope they did — the proportion of Muslim clerics and Arab as well as hard-core leftist extremists there was quite staggering.

3. Why did the police not come to my rescue right away, and why were there so few of them? I only saw one parked wagon with two cops in it, and the two officers that I talked to. Given the size of the crowd, and the content of speeches, slogans, and banners, I would expect a battalion of security forces there. [This is remarkable. At every pro-Israel event, even family-oriented events, there has been an extensive police presence along with private security. At this event…almost nothing. Draw your own conclusions. -S]

4. Why is it that when we Jews have our demonstrations and rallies, we behave overwhelmingly in a civilized manner in the face of the opposition, and if one of us steps over the line of propriety, the rest admonish such a person? Why do we see such a drastic difference between our behavior and that of our opponents and enemies?

Unbelieveable. Whose side is our government on? As for American leftists, there can be no doubt about their allegiances.

Check out coverage of the protest here. The videos and photos are telling.

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