Ground War in Lebanon Underway

Thursday, July 20th, 2006 10:52 pm by Neal

From Haaretz we have this article, Thousands of IDF troops operating in S. Lebanon:

Thousands of Israeli troops are operating in south Lebanon where they are targetting Hezbollah positions. Among their activities, they are searching for tunnels dug by Hezbollah militants. According to the army, Hezbollah fighters have taken refuge inside these tunnels – often dug under homes in villages – along with their rockets, and that they occasionally emerge to fire one into Israel.

But wait, there’s more.

Analysis: The ground operation has begun under our noses:

AVIVIM − Right under our noses, the Israel Defense Forces ground operation in Lebanon began Thursday. What was described as a minor commando operation was in fact a fairly large assault, involving several specialized units that are entering villages, carrying out searches and engaging in hard, close-range fighting with Hezbollah units.

The air force’s limited success and the continued rocket attacks against northern Israel have drawn the IDF into Lebanon, where it is confronted by a well-organized, well trained and highly motivated Hezbollah force. In two days of fighting, eight soldiers belonging to the IDF’s best units have died. The losses on the other side are grater (sic), even if they are not being released.

Check out both articles for more details.

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